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Read what some of my students say about their experience taking my class:

I attended Jerry Kau's class.  Jerry is a great instructor, who really emphases on safety. I learned many things from Jerry, because of this class and recommend it for anyone. He makes you feel comfortable and explains things in a easy and fun way.  Being a woman, I was a little apprehensive and did not know what to expect.  I had been around guns before and had 'some' shooting experience, but Jerry went over everything and made me feel comfortable.  And I found out that I am a pretty good shot! This class has given me confidence and the tools to use to be safe and shoot well…Laura



Being a new handgun owner, a salesman at GAT GUNS highly recommended handgun lessons by Jerry Kau, instructor.  His 3 hrs. handgun coarse would cover safe handling & gun operation, trigger control, use of sights, proper loading & unloading and target practice on your gun range.  After contacting Jerry and setting a Jan. 29th 3 hrs. course from 9 am. to noon, he was a very informative handgun instructor, good temperment, gave excellent advise and was highly respected by our 3 person private instruction group.  The 3 hrs. went by quick and his patient and great advise was so important for a new handgun owner as myself.  Again, it was a true pleasure to have Gat Guns professional gun representative Kevin, excellent handgun instructor Jerry and your overall great reputation, which I'll continue to purchase future gun accessories, ammunition and frequent usage of Gat Gun ranges   I'll gladly refer future gun owners business to Gat Guns !
Sincerely, Bert



I recently had a private lesson at Gat guns with Jerry! I arranged a Father-Son private as this was my son's (24) first exposure to guns-- and safety is everything to me. I anticipated lots of stress and anxiety from both of us as it has been 25 years since I last shot.

Jerry was perfect for the two of us! Not just a good soft spoken teacher but a good listener too. My son needed the soft slow approach and Jerry sensed this and took his time to help him "get acquainted" with guns! By the end of our lesson we were both shooting straight and LOVIN it!

For us we couldn't have had a better guy for this job---now we have resurrected my old target pistol and have been back to Gat Guns to shoot again and now are planning regular visits to improve our skills!  Thanks for a great experience! We may even get Mom involved as she is the one who first got me involved.  Paul & Alex




Jerry is a hidden gem of a teacher.  I was lucky to discover him buried among other ads and class descriptions for firearm training. What caught my eye was the small class size and personalized training from a very seasoned expert for less money than other basic courses.  I came to Jerry as a complete newbie with no prior experience.  He was very friendly and approachable. I had no preconceived notions about shooting and just did my best to absorb everything I could from him.  Though nervous, I trusted him and received solid fundamentals on gun safety and handling which were drilled in throughout the training.  Next, he introduced step by step layer by layer shooting techniques while patiently observing and giving corrections.  But what really stands out beyond the mere techniques were the mental aspects he taught.  These mental aspects are invaluable and have a very tangible effect on shooting.  You can probably find decent safety instruction and basic technique in many places, but where Jerry really shines are in his one-on-one personalized approach, the layered structure of instruction, and especially the mental techniques and aspects.  He had me hitting multiple bullseyes.  I just did my best to listen, understand, and follow instruction; It worked.
Thanks Jerry, Fritz



My family and I had the distinct pleasure of completing a private handgun lesson with Jerry Kau. All of my expectations for the lesson were greatly exceeded. It’s not very easy to cater a lesson that is as effective and appealing to an adult male as it was to my 16 year old daughter, but he surely succeeded. Jerry is not only a highly experienced, skilled, and expert firearms instructor but he is an artful, creative and patient teacher as well.  He was thorough in not only acclimating us to the firearm, but in explaining how it should be handled, and the critical steps involved in becoming a fine marksman. We learned the skills and process involved in target shooting and were given a great perspective on home defense. By the end of the lesson each of us were not only comfortable with our weapons but sufficiently proficient and equipped with the knowledge to pursue further expertise.  Whether it be in pursuit of expert shooting techniques or simply to acclimate and demystify firearms, I could not recommend Jerry more highly.
Charlie S.