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Read what some of my students say about their experience taking my class:

3 hour class with Gerry tonight improved my ability and confidence 100%!  Great teacher, superior approach and perfect instruction. Excellent reflection on Gat Guns, thanks...Bill J.




I just wanted to drop Gat Guns a note to let you know that I had a great experience in Jerry Kau's Basic Pistol Course at Gat Guns. I had limited hand gun experience before i took the course. Jerry's course is excellent. He has a great temperament and is a thoughtful and good instructor.


The course is 3 hours (1 hour of class time and 2 hours of range time). Jerry did an excellent job explaining the basics of pistol safety, how to grip the gun, how to aim it and how to shoot it. I liked the small class size, which allowed me to ask questions when needed. Jerry proceeds at a nice pace, particularly when at the range (e.g., if you have never shot before you might start shooting with one bullet in the gun at a slow pace; if you have shot before or show that you're "getting it" quickly he moves you along). Since taking Jerry's course I have also taken the NRA's 8 hour Basic Pistol Course. The NRA course is good as well but, frankly, I preferred Jerry's course and style. The NRA focuses a lot on lecturing (6 of the 8 hours). I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone who would like to learn to shoot, especially if you have no prior experience. Dave




Dear Jerry, Thank you so much for making our day so informative and enjoyable.  You and Andy were just terrific, and on the bus everyone kept singing your praises.  It was a pleasure, and I expect we'll be back.   Laura, LISLE PARK DISTRICT



I had a lesson with Jerry on how to shoot my handgun and I promised him I would send a review of his truly magnificent tutelage!


After spending 2+ hours with Jerry (1 hour in the classroom and 1 hour on the range), I was hitting consistent bulls eyes! His careful instruction and constant encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to more fully enjoy "the game" of shooting. Whether you're a beginner or have thousands of rounds under your belt, I don't think there is something you can't learn from Jerry! It was the best investment I've made into my shooting and some of the most fun I've had in a long time! - Samantha L.



My husband John and I took a pistol instruction class given by Jerry Kau. I was apprehensive and a bit nervous because I have never shot a gun my in life. Jerry put me at ease and his instruction methods were very easy to comprehend. His sense of humor and analogies made for a very relaxed atmosphere. When we went to the firing range, Jerry's specific instructions were applied by my husband and I and the results were amazing!  I never even thought I'd hit the target let alone be right on the mark. It was truly amazing and Jerry made it fun.   I am so appreciative of what I learned and look forward to practicing the techniques Jerry taught me. I would recommend Jerry to anyone who has never shot a gun and for those who need a refresher.



My husband and I signed up for this class for two very different reasons.  I have little experience with guns, having shot a handful of times with no step-by-step training.  My husband grew up shooting, his father taught him pretty well, but he was still interested in learning more formal shooting technique and self-defense.  Within the first 10 minutes of this class we were both learning something new, and getting really excited to hit the range.  Jerry is a great teacher, we took what we learned out to the range the next day and continued to hit the targets and practice "slowing things down".  I now feel much more comfortable knowing how to safely load and check a gun and am excited to start getting better than my husband at hitting the bullseye   We both recommend this class for all levels: you might think you know it all, but I guarantee Jerry is going to teach you something new. Thanks so much! Emily C.



My wife and I, together with our neighbors across the street, took Gerry's class. It was terrific.  Gerry was very patient and we all come away with a better understanding of how to shoot.  He was a terrific instructor! John S.