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Read what some of my students say about their experience taking my class:

My husband and I took Gerry Kau's Basic Firearam Instruction class last night.  We learned a ton and definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about guns, the proper way to use them, and how to feel more comfortable with them.  I have almost no firearms experience.  The only time I had fired a gun was about a month ago in the Chicago Permit Class (also a great class!).  On my first round with Gerry, I hit the bulls-eye with my fifth bullet!  The next time I was up, I hit the bulls-eye twice in a row!  In no way do I feel I am now an expert in target shooting, but Gerry taught me that I can learn how to shoot and be quite good at it by following his steps.  I was very impressed by Gerry and his class....Cynthia W.



I wanted to thank Gerry for my training.  I have never held a gun much less shot one before Tuesday.  My 2nd shot was a bullseye and basically every shot after that for the remainder of the training session.  Pretty impressive for a 46 yr old women who has never even held a gun before.  Gerry was an excellent instructor, very engaging and we had a great time during our class.  I learned a lot, way more valuable than the class fee.  You could say you really get a bang for your buck with Gerry!!  I would recommend training with Gerry to anyone purchasing a new fire arm. Thanks again, Gerry and GAT Guns!!! ...Tracey H. - Streamwood - New 357 Ruger owner 



My wife and I just completed Gerry's 3-hour basic firearm class.  I recommend the class to shooters of all skill level, both male and female.  The class begins with safety and pistol operations and leads up to form and proficiency.  Historically I considered myself someone who knew enough to have fun and hit the silhouette. 

The class transformed me....Gerry corrected my bad habits and misconceptions, and got me in to the right posture, grip, and stance.  Most importantly he taught the basic mental flaws that often weigh down on a shooter’s accuracy.  In the class I landed my first 3-rounds in the bulls-eye, and my second set of 3-rounds I passed through the same hole.  Both groups were unprecedented for me!

The class gave me the knowledge and confidence that I am a good shooter and can be a great one by practicing the tools Gerry equipped me with.  I highly recommend he class, the price is extremely reasonable for the value he provides students.  I would go a step further and state that I consider Geri's effort a public service, making us better and safer shooters....Miles W.



Just completed Gerry's class night with two friends of mine and wanted to let you know you what a great experience it was. His content and teaching style could not have been any better. We walked out of there with both the confidence and skill set to safely handle and shoot a side arm. He's a great asset to your business and which I can assure you will result in repeat customers...Best regards, Howard



I recently took Gerry Kau's Basic Firearm Instruction class and wanted to let you know what a fantastic class it was and the great experience I had. Gerry is an absolutely amazing instructor!! Having no prior experience with firearms I wanted to make sure I aligned myself with an instructor that would help me start to lay a good foundation of knowledge and most important, proper gun safety practices.


The manner in which Gerry teaches is outstanding. His repetitive slow and methodical hands-on training practiced in the class definitely builds one's confidence in a short period of time. By the time we reached the range it almost felt instinctual, and I was totally amazed that as I went through the steps Gerry taught me I actually hit my target... and continued to do so. This class reassures you that a little knowledge can go a long way and with practice, be a great shooter.


I can’t think of a more valuable way to spend 3 hours and benefit for a lifetime. I would highly recommend anyone at any age take a class with Gerry. He truly has a gift to be able teach in a extremely effective and efficient way and I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him. Thank you very much Gerry and GAT Guns!!....Cheryl L.